Toucan play at that game

Is that a banana up your nose, or are you just happy to see me?

(ugh, I can’t believe I just made that joke…sorry y’all)

Impostor: The good edition

Aww man… You guys already took the best pun with the title. How are commenters supposed to compete with that?

I will admit… I laughed at this one. From far away that penguin looks like a pretty good toucan!

Why would they have British accents? I think it’s about time y’all learned a little bit about colonialism.

hey, don’t you know around here its other things pretending to be penguins? NOT penguins pretending to be other things!

Are those penguins? Why are their feet blue? Are they cold from standing on snow and ice all day long?

Ring ring ring! Banana phone!

I wouldn’t have guessed it on paper, but that cyan color actually works surprisingly well with this design. Kudos to Randyotter for pulling it off so well.

The penguin’s feet look more like a blue footed booby.

HA HA HA, how did the penguins get near a toucan? Actually a better question is how did the penguins get in the tree… hmmm?

And how did the penguins get up there anyhow? I thought penguins couldn’t fly. Or climb the trees of the rainforest for that matter.

Just when I thought I’d reached my tolerance for “odd-penguin out” designs …

Despite the chilly subjects of the design, there’s a warmth & charm here that really appeals. A great example of “cute” done well. Lovely work, RandyOtter.

I’m just curious how those flightless penguins got up on that branch with the toucan.

I can accept the holding the banana thing :wink:

as a member of the bird family I fully approve of this shirt.

It seems that today… Bird is the word.

Also, what kind of speciesist birds are those? Terrible. Deplorable, even.

If that penguin is trying to attract a mate he’d be better off holding that banana elsewhere…

lol at the “This shirt tells the world”. Reminds me of this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode :slight_smile:

You can never trust penguins-- next thing you know, they’ll be sneaking into galas in their natural tuxedo camouflage.