Touch of ECO 2-Pack TWINSPOT PRO Dual Solar Motion Spotlights

One star on Amazon,

Same price with free delivery with prime

[MOD: Those aren’t 2 packs. You’re getting double here.]

Why do you show no reviews when I looked on Amazon and there are reviews, mostly negative. FAKESPOTsays reviews are ~80% high quality. Amazon reviews say this product is, predominantly, junk. 2.3 stars. Everyone with 1 star reviews talk about the product failing very quickly and a very short warranty that would not be honored.
Too bad because I really want and need this type of product. Also, really too bad that it looks like Woot! is deceiving us by saying there are no reviews of this product. Shame on you Woot!
I just spent $500.00 at Woot! yesterday. I’ve been a customer for over 11 years and have bought literally thousands of dollars of stuff from you.
Just when I think I will keep shopping here you do something I perceive as deceptive and I feel like a fool for trusting Woot! Really sucks!

I bought this two-pack a while ago (think I paid around $100). They’re complete trash- the cheapest things I’ve ever seen. I had to uninstall both within the week because they didn’t work. I wouldn’t pay $5 for them. Garbage- save yourself the money.

Nothing deceptive. When we match an ASIN, we have to use an exact match for various internal reasons. There’s no 4 pack there.

We know wooters can look up reviews so there’s no use hiding things.

“various internal reasons” -looks suspicious too.

“We know wooters can look up reviews so there’s no use hiding things.” - So why did Woot! add the reviews link to begin with?
Can you see where that in itself is deceptive. And this statement, “We know wooters can look up reviews so there’s no use hiding things,” is disingenuous. Are these your thoughts TT? Or is this a response crafted by corporate?

Bottom line. This product is crap and Amazon knows it. I believe that’s why it’s sent over to Woot! to liquidate and try to make a little profit.
As you know, there is another site that is doing this but the difference is; they tell you right up front that it’s crap.
I respect that sentiment and will sometimes buy it anyway. I do not respect Woot! (Amazon) using furtive techniques.

With all that said, I have and do frequent Woot! and will buy products when they are good. (Like yesterday)