Touch Of ECO Flamingo Stake Lights

Touch Of ECO Flamingo Stake Lights

Where are you getting the pricing for these from? On me touch of Eco site these lights are 22.99. So where is the 79 coming from? Even the so called sale price here is still more expensive than the regular price.

The one on Touch of ECO is a single. We’re selling it as as 2-pack.

Touch of ECO supplied the List Price.


Would have loved this product yet no word about it. Purchased it 6 weeks ago and site still says preparing shipment. Really???

Write to Woot’s customer service using the form on your order in you order history. The button says something about needing help.

If you turn off these lights and let them charge for several days will they store a larger charge? I would like to keep them turned off so when I do use them they will stay on longer through the night.

Probably? Most solar lights I’ve gotten say to charge them in full sun for a few days before using them. That’s really fun when they don’t give you a off switch.