Touch Of ECO SOCIALITE Solar 20' Edison Patio Lights

Ordered these some time ago from Woot. They put out almost no light, even fully charged. I thought they would be able to light up my patio table, but they just aren’t bright enough. They may be good for decorative lighting, but don’t expect too much from them.

Very disappointed. Specs are misleading. The 20’ includes the lead and tail. First to last bulb is less then 10’. Also, they do not put out very much light.
Amazon has other solar light kits for less money, more lights.

The description says 8’ lead length, 10’ of lights and 2.5’ loop at the end. According to the seller these are decor lighting rather than utility lights.

If you read it again, it says “20’ set of 10 solar lights”, and “features 8’ lead and 2.5’ tail”. It does not say 10’ of lights, and does not make it clear that the lead and tail are included in the 20’ total.

… the worst type of vendor response is to try to play smart and refer to non-obvious fine-print

No, it doesn’t say that. It would certainly help to have a halfway accurate description. Taking some of the text off the actual box would help: “bulb spacing: 1 ft.” would improve accuracy dramatically.

“The SOCIALITE is a 20’ set of 10 solar string LED Ediso patio bulbs by Touch Of ECO. Featuring a 8’ lead length (distance from solar panel to the first LED) and a 2.5’ tail loop (for tying and hanging)”

Just set mine up today. Was very disappointed in the quality.

Agree with the complaints above, but additionally the bulb and cap that hold the bulbs together popped off every time I tried to clip the lights on anything.

My wife is concerned about my future woot purchases and how this was ever sold at 69 bucks.

I’d recommend woot to remove this item to help other users.

thanks other wooters, for confirming what i wondered about these lights. (i.e. actual lighted length.)

i then also noticed that that info had been posted a month ago, and woot has not updated the product description. 

These are a waste of time and money. They should not be sold from Woot at all.