Touch of ECO Solar Lights

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Touch of ECO Solar Lights
Price: $14.99 - 24.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 12 to Tuesday, Mar 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Sadly these lights are like me “not very bright”. Light is very dim and does not last all night. They will provide a glow and not much more.

Bought a set on a previous Woot. Two of them are bright enough, and stay lit for at least half the night. The other two are much dimmer, and generally last about 2 hours after a full day of sun. Still happy with them, and am in for another set to add to the yard…

Could I offer my services as an proofreader? So many errors in the description!!!

I’ve bought these from Woot in the past. They were a mixed bag. One crapped out immediately, some stayed lit longer in the night, some lasted more than one season. I recommend that you buy roughly twice as many as you need, so that you’ll have some replacements when some of the lights inevitably fail!

The step lights say Stainless steel and it’s true they are but be aware, I bought two sets of these to use at our beach house on the stairs and although they work well, they have turned into blobs of rust in less than a year.
It’s a low grade stainless and isn’t going to hold up well in salt air.

Crappiest lights I’ve ever owned. I’ve purchased these previously on Woot and through Amazon directly and I have to say they are horrible. The set of 8, round, fence/clamp lights we got lasted all of 4 weeks before:

  • The glue came undone on the solar panel.
  • The wind blew the unglued solar panel away
  • The batteries corroded and failed contact with the battery tabs
  • The lights switch failed due to rust.
    On the solar tree/umbrella set we have such tiny wires they break under any tension at all and they have this really dumb “flashing” setting which makes no sense at all!! How about a high/low setting? Now that may make sense!
    Nope…never again…not gonna buy.

These lights truly are amazing. In that they provide practically no light. Quite an engineering feat to make lights that appear to be working, yet provide no illumination. Well done, Touch of Eco! Next for an oven than can’t heat up, or a car who’s engine runs, but which doesn’t move.

Just received a few days ago, 1 of 4 lights was dead on arrival and would not charge per instructions; 2 of 4 came without the the set bolts for the two piece mounting bracket and the 3 lights that do work are so weak, they provide no ground light when installed on gutters. Hopefully Woot will allow a return!

Yikes, if you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.