Touch Of ECO Solar-Powered Holiday Projectors

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Touch Of ECO Solar-Powered Holiday Projectors
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So what happens if you live in an area that on gets a few days of sun light every few months? Currently I haven’t seen the sun out in a week, thus solar power is worthless

  1. You move, because living in constant darkness sounds like f**king hell and there’s no reason to subject yourself to that torture.

  2. You don’t buy solar powered gadgets.

Anyway, passing on this because it’s only red. Needs red and green or white at minimum for Christmas.

No snow for Christmas then that’s more torture than no sun light.

That and you have to manually turn it on and off.

Uh. It says:

“Built in light sensor so it comes on automatically every night”

right in the description.

It turns on automatically and, believe it or not, there are places that get sunshine and snow. I happen to live in one of those places.

Are there only red circles? What other designs come with it?

This features red laser lights only for quick holiday lighting.

If anything light the solar string lights do not waste your money as they ar crap and do not work!

I bought 5 strings and what a waste of money and screwed my Christmas Experience!!!

Do you have any daylight? It doesn’t need direct sunlight.

Not to be a negative Nancy but I imagine that 6-8 hours of on time figure is probably under ideal circumstances which include a sun that is nearly directly overhead and with 14 hours of sunlight in some place like Phoenix. Even in Southeast Texas which has much better winter time solar conditions than our friends in New England, I would hazard that getting 3 hours of on time would be remarkable.

I just looked it up for Houston and December conditions are 63% that of Summertime peak. In Boston it’s 52%. If comparing to it Phoenix it’s 43 and 35%. Long story short you’re probably not going to get much past 8 o’clock with these bad boys.

you move :slight_smile:

Mail them to your friends in Florida to charge for you. :wink:

Even as someone who lives in a sunny location, I’d say a solar device that’s meant to be used in winter is pretty stupid.

I suppose it would be great for Australia though!

Good talk…
Any word on what color(s) they are?

Do the lights move?

These things are junk. I received mine from Woot and charged them two full days, per the suggestion. Of the three I purchased only ONE even turns on. The other two will not turn on at all. This is the second product in the last year I have purchased from Woot that was complete junk. Five years ago, the products are Woot were all quality products. Not any more.

Bought two and neither of them work. I charged them for two days.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.