Touch Of ECO Solar-Powered LED String Lights

Very disappointing. Despite having ample time to collect energy per instructions, the lights worked feebly and briefly.

How long does the documentation say they should last? And, how long did they actually last?

Are these really 105 feet long??

Have to agree with the other negative review. The set I have only lights the first nine lights of the whole string. Very disappointed.

Got these last Woot and have them on my porch and wrapped around a tree.

These are not blinding bright lights with bulbs the size of walnuts. But on our old 1890 farmhouse they work well when the day is bright. Overcast days? Not so great.

I suspect the rechargable batteries inside are cheap. Putting in better, higher capacity ones may store more power.

But they worked for us. Just don’t expect your house to look like something from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie.

BTW, the tinier “fairy lights” in solar strings are brighter, but MUCH more delicate.

Pure garbage. I bought two sets of these and they are awful. I have them in a sunny location so the batteries will get charged and they stay lit at night for 45 minutes max! One set stopped working after two weeks. Would have sent back if I could. Don’t waste your money!!

Got two sets just the other day. Charged them up using an Aerogarden light. Wrapped around a tree. The light is far more bluish than in the pics. And not as strong. They do seem to stay lit for 6-8 hrs. However the lights that appear stronger fade faster than the weaker set. I may change to the flash setting. If you live in a very dark area, they may be okay, otherwise pretty meh

Spacing of 5.08 inches between LED’s - so, 225 LED’s x 5.08 inches / 12 inches = 95 feet plus the 10 foot lead totals 105 feet.

Pure garbage. I bought 2 sets one of which died within days and the second only works about 1/3 of the total length.

Agree with all negative reviews. Looked pretty good for 4 nights, then flickered on and off one night, then stopped working completely. Garbage. Waste of money.

And you guys still can’t seem to be clear about if the lights you list are Warm White or Cool White. When buying lights, there is no such thing as ‘White’. Its like this EVERY TIME.

What I purchased was 225 leds. What I received was 110 leds. What gives?

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.