Touch of Eco Solar Rock Lights (6-Pack)

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Touch of Eco Solar Rock Lights (6-Pack)
Price: $21.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Sep 13 to Friday, Sep 14) + transit
Condition: New


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These things are kind of pitiful. One dim led and they are pretty tiny. I can find about the same at that dollar store.

Very small and light. Any wind will blow them away. And there’s no way to stick em in the ground

So I bought these back in the spring, they looked great and were a perfect match for my new patio…they are all dead now, the first one was doa and the rest have slowly died due to apparently not being waterproof. You would think an “outdoor” light would be waterproof but sadly no.

I made the mistake of buying two packs, Half died within 2 months, and I think maybe one still survives with a pitiful little light. The $169.99 retail value is an outright lie. Not only do we have tons of fake reviews on Amazon, now we have to put up with fake pricing, too.

Without a doubt this was the worst product I’ve ever bought from woot and I’ve been a member since 2007.

Stay away.

Sad to see a previously great concept, Woot, drop down to the level of rip-off country…

Haven’t purchased anything since Wine went away. With crap like this I doubt I ever will. Not even a daily viewing anymore.

Me too. I check in once in a blue moon but miss the wine woot.

Also, instead of these solar rocks, try painting your pavers or rocks with Rustoleum ‘glow in the dark’ paint. Looks pretty cool and is also ‘solar power’!

Ditto. I miss old Woot. It seems what they offer now isn’t worth the rock it’s lighted with.

We got you:

You say they died? Well for only $3.25 and shipping you can replace the battery if:

a) the battery is replacible

b) you want to spend more on the battery per light than you pay per light in this deal.

Why not just send me $20 cash and be frustrated now instead of in 6 months when these new batteries die.

Really? A button battery for power? Maybe with some super efficient LEDS but apparently not with these.

I bought something similar previously offered here.
They last about 3 months, the rechargeable battery must be tiny and dies in a short period of time.

40maH? How did they find a battery that small?

A NimH AAA would be 10-20 times that, at least.

Light is minimal. Cannot see the “lit” objects from 25 feet away. 2 were DOA, the others stopped functioning within a couple weeks. Save your money.

When I sent an e-mail to say one of the six in the set was DOA - seemingly a bad switch - I was issued a full refund without even requesting one. While these solar rock lights are not so great, the woot! service to address my e-mail was tremendous. Didn’t even have to mail the bad one back…

Have a large yard, so ordered 30 of these to sprinkle around. Total dissapontment. Set out the first six. Only two sort of work, other four completely dead! Don’t know if I’ve waited too long to return them. :disappointed:

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.