Touch of Eco Solar Rock Lights (6-Pack)

How is this item “new today” when it has been around for days if not weeks? And all the previous comments now have been deleted which were mostly negative and described similar products available at the dollar store and probably not worth a buck at that. Do not buy! This is crap being pushed on Woot.

Trainer88 - Don’t be a sucker. Cancel your order!

Hey there, different sales (even if it’s the same item) get different discussion boards. Before you throw solar rock lights at us forum peeps, make sure you at least look down the list of forums on the Tools.Woot community page and you would have saw the other event that we had on Sept. 12 with the discussion board fully intact. We don’t delete comments that are negative about an item. While we don’t encourage negative comments (we’d rather have thoughtful discussions about why the item doesn’t fit your needs than the much more common, “this sucks”), we do see that there is a VERY (and I mean VERY) small percentage of comments compared to units sold on this so we are confident in what we are selling. We are also truly sorry when a customer has a poor experience and try and do everything to help make it right. We appreciate all the feedback we can get for our items so that our customers can make informed decisions.

Thanks for the reply regarding this particular product and sale. Not sure if the explanation really goes to the root of the issue. All I was trying to make known to the community is that the item offered may have been technically “new today” based on how Woot decides to run a sale of an item (duration or until sold out), but this particular item had very negative reviews (probably a candidate for a “BOC” item) and re-appeared as a new item with the previous negative reviews no longer visible under the new sale. Yes, if one would some how think about searching through community forums for the item for some reason, the earlier reviews would be there. My observation is that when an item is not selling well most likely due to negative community feedback (the item may suck), a new sale is the answer to “restart” the process to introduce the item as a new item and to remove the negative comments by starting with a clean slate.

And I have to say that if Woot does not encourage negative comments, then has Woot just become another victim of the snowflake movement? Wow, really bizarre if I must say so myself. Sometimes, items suck because they just suck. Most community comments are “thoughtful” and give insight into why an item may suck (or alternatively, give reasons as to why the item is a good buy); I do not see many comments that simply say “This items SUCKS!” The thoughtful feedback on this particular item (solar LED rocks) would lead someone to believe that the item may suck, and this is valuable information to the consumer who is parting with their hard earned money to purchase something on the internet without being able to see, hold, and evaluate the product in person.

I have had good experiences with Woot customer service in the past, but there has obviously been a shift in Woot’s customer experience that I have experienced and I suspect that many others have as well. For example, I have had several recent orders cancelled by Woot with no real explanation or resolution to the issues other than the item is no longer available even though I had placed the order on Woot well before the item appeared sold out on Woot or before the end of the sale. I understand that this type of thing could happen occasionally due to a glitch in the system, but for this scenario to be a common occurrence should not be acceptable. The duration of a Woot sale should be “X number of hours/days/months, until sold out, or place your order during the sale and you may or may not receive it”. Something is broken and I get no response from Woot what is going on.

These lights are exactly as advertised.

These are neat little lights, about the size of your fist. How the original price is $169 is beyond me! A couple of mine had glue residue on the lenses.

Do not buy these! Not worth the $$ They are really small, 3in…
They hardly put out any light.
Two of the lights have not worked.

Don’t waste your time or your money I purchased 18 of these 3 didn’t work out of the box 8 days later only 4 working. Water inside all of them . Not well made.

Bought these for our Motorhome to place around for more lights at night. They work great for now. We shall see how long they last after seeing the other reviews I’m worried about their worth.