Touch of Eco Solar Rock Lights (6-Pack)

Touch of Eco Solar Rock Lights (6-Pack)

Bought these last April. They lasted about 2 months and then all crapped out one by one.
If you are looking for a temporary solution to minor lighting issues, this is your solution.

Bought a while back as well. Two arrived physically broken, one capped out a month later. Imo, not worth the headache. Woot support partially refunded based on the two doa, but I won’t be purchasing these again.

just got two days ago and they seem to be working fine!

There is not way that is the list price. First of all they are TINY, Secindly a few came broken. Thirdly the remaining ones stoped working after 2 months. PLUS they dont have the weigth tostay put. Even rabbits propell them 8 feet!

I bought these about a year ago. Only one worked. The others were DOA.

Bought 2 boxes of these. Out of the 12 lights, 1 just fell apart after the first day and after a week I was left with only 2 actually working. One of those 2 lights only lasts about 1 hour tops and the other one will last about 2-3. These are a complete waste of money. For $20 I wouldn’t expect much but I certainly didn’t expect for them to all stop working within a week

Hi all. If you have problems with these lights. PLEASE make sure you reach out to Woot CS so we can track them.

From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Having what seems to be the normal experience-- 2 are broken right out of the box and the othee 4 don’t seem to be holding much of a charge even in direct sunlight for 8+ hours.

Pretty much the same as all the other comments. Out of 12, less than half are still working after only a couple of weeks. Made sure that they were all getting direct sunlight but still not working.

These are terrible. i bought twelve and most were dead in less than two weeks. absolutely one of the worst purchases ever.