Touch of ECO Solar String Lights (68')

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Touch of ECO Solar String Lights (68’)
Price: $19.99
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Anyone know how well the batteries cope with below-freezing temperatures?

I live in New England. Mine have been up for a year now. Seem to have more trouble fully recharging because of the cloudy skies than the cold. But we did have a “mild” winter.

Are these cool white or warm white?

I searched Amazon and found these. No more then 2.5 stars which make me hesitate:

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I bought these last year and they are complete garbage. One set only half lit up and the other lasted a week.

I agree with other posts, these are garbage. Don’t buy. I live in Scottsdale where it is always sunny and the lights stay lit at night for less than an hour! Really??? The description says they stay lit for 6-8 hours. That’s a lie.

Oops, looks like another Buyer is going to be getting into trouble … they always walk to the end of the plank thinking this is the next big thing.

I’ve ordered these twice. My first sets were warm white. I liked them so I ordered them next time I saw them and they were cool white.

So, do you feel lucky?

That said, I have a string that’s been on my house for three years and still work reliably when I turn them on. I’m in Massachusetts, and mine stay on for anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on how much sun they see. I make sure to angle the solar panel toward the path of the sun for max exposure.

The set on our porch railing that was on year-round, died after about two years of daily use.

Ordered white, but the color is more of a hanukkah blue.

with shipping its the same price on amazon?