Touch of ECO Solar String Lights

Can someone please tell me if the 8.5 foot lead is included in the 20-foot length? Thank you

Yes it is.

I ordered the slim edison bulbs and was sent the vintage ones. Wanted them replaced with the right ones and was told they were no longer available. You are still selling the slim bulbs. So are they available???

Yes. This sale just started back up a couple days ago so our vendor is stocked back up.

How can I purchase replacement bulbs for the slim Edison bulbs?

Hardware stores and Amazon carry Edison bulbs.

Just a note. The labels and part numbers here are wrong. According to, the slim Edison bulbs are part# TOE190. The “early Edison” bulbs are part# TOE189. But if you look in them in your Woot cart when adding them, you will see the right description “slim Edison” but incorrect part# “TOE189”. I received the incorrect bulbs. Same thing happened on the same product direct from Amazon last month.

Thanks for the headsup.
I want to order a few sets of the slim edison.
Woot, if I order can you assure me the correct ones will be sent? Going tona second home where I won’t have time to have exchanged.

Update: just received my second order after ordering the slim Edison bulbs again I have received the vintage bulbs!!! What’s the story WOOT???

Argh. Sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I’ve let our buyer know.