Touch of ECO Sunstone Solar Rock Lights


ok, so the MOST important thing… how much light these put out… is completely missing from the specs or description. Which tells me a candle probably puts out more light. I challenge you to correct me if I am wrong… and I’ll buy 3 sets.

Vendor says these are decorative lights so there’s no lumen count. They’re intended as accent lights, not spots. Hope that helps.

This is very illuminating, thank you.

I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

…she said, her face lighting up.

Yeah, we could go on all day like this. And for six to eight hours tonight, as well.

Any idea how much each weigh? Looking for something hefty enough to discourage our dogs from rearranging them across our property.

Great that they’re rechargeable, but what is the shape of the replacement? E.g. standard shape like AA or AAA, because they’ll need replacing in 1 year or less if they’re like the other ECO devices I’ve purchased in the past.

Each rock weighs 7oz so the total set weighs 2.4lbs.

These rocks use a 1.2V Rechargeable 40mAH Ni-MH Battery. These batteries are designed to work at least 5 years on regular use.

What? They are black? The picture shows them as gray!

Buyers be aware, the rocks are black not grey as pictured. Also received 3 instead of 6.

Hi there. I’m sorry about the color error. I’m notifying the Tools team now.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

These are cheap plastic, my wife thought I bough them at a Dollar Tree. One came broken, two stopped working within three days. huge waste of money

Yup. I got 3 instead of 6, they are black instead of grey, and 1 of the 3 I did get came broken with a large hole in the plastic. Woot refunded me my money right away and took care of me. Thanks for being on top of this.

Beware. I only got three lights. They didnt come in the box as shown AND they weren’t even the lights depicted in the pics. PLUS, they were just thrown into a shipping box and two of the three were cracked.

Same problem here. PLUS there werent even the lights shown in the listing and didnt come in the box shown. They looked used.

Hey all. Sorry for the problems. We’re working with the vendor to see what’s up.

In the meantime, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They’ll help you out.

I received the same 3 black instead of 6 grey deal. I just emailed customer service, and I’m waiting to hear back.

My wife ordered these and received 3 black lights instead of 6 grey. She’s not so concerned about the color, but getting half of what she paid for is not sitting well.