Touch of ECO Sunstone Solar Rock Lights

Do not buy worst pieces crap ever. Totally misleading giving a retail price of $187. Only three of six worked and they are tiny loose pieces garbage garbage purchase

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.


Bought these a couple of months ago. Only received 3 of the 6. Woot refunded me and gave me the 3. They are black in color, not gray as shown so I had to paint them so they looked like rocks. They work fine with no issues and are worth the price Woot is asking but no way are they worth the retail price shown.

Complete crap only two out of the six work

The group votes this is crap… good enuf for me!!! Lol

Than you for sharing.

These are junk! Don’t waste your money. When received, only four of the six worked. Woot refunded my money and told me to keep them. After four months, only two of the six are still working.

Woot! Woot!

Definitely crap. 3 months later, only 3 working. 1 never did work out of the box. Certainly a waste of money.

OH no just bought them prior to reading, dumb!

Kind of stupid that the light only are good for pointing East given the orientation of the solar cell.

These are garbage. Left them in the sun for 3 days. Not a one worked. Ended up in the trash after about 2 weeks of hoping the would somehow work.

Bought two sets of these. Horrible. Seven of them worked out of the box. They are hot glued together. A slight breeze blows them away. Most of the stuff I get from Woot is good. This was my first BAD experience. I didn’t read the comments before. I’ll never purchase without checking again.

I agree. They are Horrible! Very poor quality, garbage, crap, junk! They are hot glued together.I am very dissatisfied!I’ll never purchase from Woot without checking.

I’m sorry for the problems. Did you contact the manufacturer?

Sorry to say it, but this woot was the worst. Very cheaply made and several of them quit working after some precipitation. Would not recommend :"(