Tough Cookie and Leche Libre

When I saw the title of tonight’s shirt pop up in my Twitter feed, I instantly knew it was going to be Walmazan awesomeness.

I always thought these two were friends… nice job walmazan! Congrats on the print.

These are the superheroes we deserve to eat right now, but not the ones we need to eat.

Adorable, Wences! Congratulations on the print!

But… but WHY? You two are so GOOD together!!! D:

I’m trying to figure out which is the rudo, and which is the técnico.

Were I to attempt to eat these items simultaneously, the milk would indeed go lucha in my stomach (stupid milk intolerance).

This was inevitable. Who is the hero and who is the sidekick???. I. Just. Don’t. Know!.

This is great–nice work as always Wences!

These guys should be tag teaming Broccoli and Cheese.

I’ll volunteer to clean up crumbs and puddles!

Fight Club meets Snack Club!

The first rule is: You Don’t Talk About “Snack Club”.

Phhhht, TJ, only small fries go there

Cookie Monster’s nightmare.

But I want the cookie to crumble, not the milk to spill. Fun fun fun.

Another well deserved print. Congrats to you, Wences! :slight_smile:

Great as usual Wences, congrats, leche libre! lol.

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