Tough Princesses

Now this would be a video game for me ; )

Hope Woot has a goodly supply of kids’ and ladies’ size shirts!

I think a bunch of blonde guys made up that list of princesses in the write-up. Everyone knows girls are much too smart for such stupid stuff and way too busy saving the world.

And that’s a big nope. Three hours in and several kids sizes are sold out. For shame, I have been trying to get my toddler shirts for a while and they sell out so fast :frowning:

I guess the theme song for this shirt would be “The Princess Who Saved Herself” by Jonathan Coulton. You can get the comic book through KickStarter.

DITTO!! but when it hits the top 20…

Cute book!

Anyone know what size the tote is?

I hope these ship quickly. :slight_smile: in for 2 - because, awesome.

Totes are 10.5in. x 14in. x 5in.

Good question. We’ve added the info to the sale.

Why in the world are these not in Kids size 4T??

Are kids sizes available after today or is it only on day one? I’ll pay a mark-up to get this shirt for my two daughters!

When I saw the tote, I was waiting for someone to say something sexist. So… in lieu of that…
Would it be ironic or wrong to want this printed on an apron?!

I believe it’s a stock issue. Sorry for the unhappiness.

Funny thing: in Smash Bros. Shiek [Zelda] and Peach are higher tier characters than either Link or Mario.

i got baaaad news for you. i am a lady and i wrote that and i do stupid stuff every single day. half of those things ARE AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL.

Just don’t say you’re a brunette or a universe ending paradox might occur. :wink:

Sooooo that’s a no? I mean, I understand it’s easy to run out of red shirts (pun intended) in an operation like Woot!

…she is.