Tough Princesses

This says it’s available as a tote, but I don’t see that option for purchasing?

Special options are offered for the first day of sales only. Sorry for the confusion.

With all due respect, there is still “confusion” because the item’s “thumbnail” in the “Gifts for Mom” collection has shirt AND tote bag icons on it, and the tote bag shows up in the views of the item itself. If we can’t still buy the tote, at the very least, the “hey you can get this as a tote bag!” icon needs to be removed from the thumbnail image.

Alternatively, woot could just let us buy the tote bag, since there are clearly people who would like to buy it…

Aha, I see what you mean. I’ll ask them to remove the icon. I don’t think we have totes to print. Sorry. :frowning:

Update: Tote icon removed.