Touring With The Big G

Congratz to the artist, nice shirt… nice and blury…

Congrats to the designer.

Hopefully we see the China one tomorrow.

Oh hell yeah, I’m getting one!

Wow… ummm… no details for some reason and messed up image.

Anyway, cool idea though the color kinda ruins it for me. Thanks, but no thanks.

In any case, this is a great shirt and I got one… hopefully

  1. the site didn’t get hacked
  2. I get the right shirt


I keep on thinking about the segment in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure when Ghengis Khan ravages Oshman’s Sporting Goods while on a twinkie rush.

First time I was first

Woot and stuff

This is the first time I’m considering buying one. I have way too many shirts but…I have a lot of band shirts so getting this would like totally ironic god am i cool yet

Congrats dude, loved this shirt and glad you overcame the initial bumps in the road!

The shirt isn’t blurry. it looks like this:

I have no idea what the problem is n the page, but the shirt isn’t as messed up as that picture makes it look.

I love the design but am wary about it’s color. Can anyone convince me to buy this shirt?

Pensketch finally wins and this is what happens. Kinda like when Jack finally won.

Congrats Pensketch.

Do it.

Ok, I read:
-and his-
Jin Dynasty Tour

Congrats, Pensketch! Don’t let a Woot screwup deflate your glory! In for one!!

Well, despite the messed up page, I’m in for one super slim size 2X. NEAT SHIRT!

Yeah this looks pretty tempting, except I can’t really tell what it says (doesn’t help that I just got over an eye infection and my vision isn’t back to good in one eye yet, but still, so fuzzy!), and it’s kinda sad to wait on it only to know that when I check back in the morning to see if I can get a larger or clearer image, that it’ll be sold out already…