Touring With The Big G

Ok, ok, no need to twist my arm! :slight_smile:

Actually, I can use this as an excuse to try out the new 3X shirts.

someone posted a clear picture of it above

Must be the writers strike!

In for one, this is a sweet shirt that got my vote. Hopefully the color is more red and less pink. Cranberry sounds pretty ambiguous.

Oh. Ha, thanks for pointing out that i’m blinder than i thought to miss that. And thanks to pen-guy for posting it. In for one. XD that’s classy

This is obviously Woot staffers being too eager to start their weekend - - Don’t let Woot’s screw up sway you from getting a Pensketch original! This is an awesome design!

As a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa whose local name is “Genghis Khan”–it’d be a little ridiculous to pass this up. Maybe I’ll get it by January?

It’s more red than pink. My Halloween zombie shirt was on the same color. It’s a pretty dark red.

I really hope you are telling the truth, cuz thats awesome.

nice. That totally justifies getting at least one.

I thought it was red, but it’s cranberry which is my favorite - same as Fireswallower. It’s darker than it looks, very rich. I’m in for two.

Quality post alert! Thanks Pensketch.

In for one. Woohoo! All about the cranberry pensketch tees.

Pensketch is the designer

From the looks of that description, the description delay was due to some frantic last minute wikipedia-ing.


Conquests of Genghis Khan, 1190-1227;
Genghis Khan’s First War with the Hsia Empire, 1206-1209;
Mongol Conquests, 1206-1405;

Genghis Khan’s War with the Chin Empire, 1211-1215;

Genghis Khan’s Sack of Peking, 1215;
First Mongol-Persian War, 1218-1221;
Mongol Invasions of India, 1221-1398;
Genghis Khan’s Second War with the Hsia Empire, 1226-1229

A huge thanks to everyone who likes the design! As for the haters, that’s cool too. I haven’t seen a design yet that has pleased everyone. Goodnight all.

I know. I had just already clicked to reply to the poster who linked me to the page of discussion I evidently ignored, and couldn’t remember pensketch’s name and had enough tabs open that I didn’t feel like adding another unnecessary one to the mix. I didn’t say he wasn’t the designer or anything, after all :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, nice shirt. Can’t wait 'til Christmas, think it has a shot of arriving by then!