Tovolo Soak N' Strain Colander - 3 Sizes

I can see how the Soak 'N Strain Colander is a great idea for use when I actually need to soak food, e.g., dried beans that must soak overnight. But what about use more as a “wash 'n drain”? If I wanted to wash my salad greens in the colander and then put the colander inside the bowl to let the remaining water trickle off while I do something else, would there be enough room for water to pool underneath the colander portion, or are the two pieces a snug enough fit that the greens in the bottom would actually end up soaking rather than draining?

Based on the pics, it looks like if you had too much water in there, the bottom could soak, but I think in general, it’s probably enough space to avoid the “soaking” issue.