Towel Be Seeing You

Who’s tried these out? Are they soft and absorbent enough?

Found one reviewer (on zappo’s) who only complained about the lint left in his dryer: “I am so angry with these towels. I thoroughly washed them in warm water. The lint was SO bad that it left tons in my washing machine. Then it left an additional five handfuls of lint in the dryer. Then when my company used them over Easter, they got covered in red lint. I washed them again just now and once again a huge amount of lint in the washer as well as the dryer. Not just the lint, but my washing machine is now red inside from the dye. I am 48 years old and these are the worst towels I have ever had.”

But most towels - even the good ones - do this for the first few washings. He didn’t say anything about feel, or absorbency.

I would buy ALL OF THEM if you had them in red… :frowning:

As much as I hate to be one of those people, these are a better deal at Amazon:
They’re a bit larger, 725 grams of cotton, dry well and are pretty fluffy. I think worth the 20 bucks for 2 sets.
They do shed just a bit for the first wash or two, but I am careful to wash & dry them with by themselves for the first load. Had mine for over a year and the colors (chocolate, cream and a lighter vanilla) have held up and not run. I’m just waiting for the big Pinzon Bath Sheet to come back in stock and I’ll be grabbing a few of those too.

Does anyone know if these are thick towels or are they paper thin? I bought Ëgyptian Towels" from another site and they were horrible! I would use them to dust. Luckily, they took them back. But I know here on woot, they won’t. Could someone please let me know. I don’t want to waste my money. I really like thick, soft towels. I had bought a set for my daughter on another site and they were great…if anyone knows, I’d appreciate your input before I buy.

I am happy with our new towels. The bath towel is slightly smaller than others I have, but the set was half the price and well worth it.
They are soft, fluffy, and absorb just fine.

As for the person with super thin towels, in Europe, they use super thin towels with high grade Egyptian cotton, and they actually work BETTER than our old fashioned American style “biggest heaviest towel you can buy” mentality.