Towel Warmer Drying Rack-Your Choice

I bought one of these on Woot a couple years ago to replace a more expensive towel warmer that stopped working after a few years. To me, the best thing about a towel warmer is that your towel is always dry and a little warm when you get out of the shower. I got a couple more and gave them as gifts.

This one works fine. I have it on a timer so that it warms and dries towels around shower time, but isn’t wasting electricity when it won’t be used. The towel warmer it replaced handled two full size towels. This one is a little small and won’t handle more than one full size towel. The brackets that hold it to the wall are flimsy and easily break. There seems to be no way to get replacements. Otherwise, It is well worth the money and I recommend you give it a try.