Towel Warmer Drying Rack-Your Choice

Towel Warmer Drying Rack-Your Choice
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Towel Warmer
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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Overstock has some reviews along with Amazon

Does anyone know the amperage or wattage of the warmer? Also is it thermostatically controlled or simply on all the time (guessing the latter).

ANy idea how far from the wall (when wall mounting) this will protrude? Thinking about putting behind a door.

Can’t find specs on it, but reviewers at Amazon say it draws 100W, maybe a bit more.

No thermostat, but has an on/off switch.

I like to take long showers, but…

(Yes, I know I could turn it on in advance, but that just seems inconvenient to me.)

" Electric towel warmers use very little energy which makes them excellent for keeping towels warm around the clock and is designed to run continuously" -pulled from the Amazon page. Looks like you’re just supposed to leave it on/ turn it on before bed.

I thought this was a fancy ladder golf set. I could still use it for that right?

100w constant load is nothing to sneeze at. That’s $7 per month at 10 cents per kWh, more if you’re in a higher tier. For warm towels. Best to put this thing on a timer set to run just before you wake up in the morning. The trick there is that most cheap indoor timers aren’t designed for wet locations like bathrooms.

Leaving the towel warmer on 24/7 is the one energy-wasting luxury of our household. I think my 12-year-old wall model pulls 125 watts, but those toasty towels are worth it. I guess all the CF light bulbs and Nest thermostats make up for the greenhouse gases I’m squandering.

Hmmm, would this work for drying snowpants?

We have been using towel warmers for years. It is not only about getting a warm towel but more importantly it dries the towel out and fluffs it up like it was pulled out of a hot dryer. It will allow you to go at least a week with the same towel with it not getting stinky. These are also great in areas that have high humidity such ad beach house where your towel never dries out. I am skeptical about this warmer being a quality one though.

If you like warm clubs, I guess.

Where I live, that’s $12 a month to heat towels. That’s too much when you can put it on a timer and turn it on for maybe 2 hours a day and save $11/month or $132/year.

Personally, having two Nest thermostats, I don’t really think they save much money for those people who are home a lot. In fact, for those times when the windows are open, the Nest has no setting for that, so I’m constantly running to turn the AC off while the windows are open.

As for CF bulbs, I personally hate those things. They never last anywhere near as long as they’re supposed to, they don’t produce the light they say they’re supposed to, the light they do produce is poor, and they take a while to come on and to warm up to full brightness. I absolutely refuse to buy them. It’s LED or incandescent for me.

Why do you think it’s a constant load? There’s a thermostat.

We got this same one (in silver) probably a year ago. The main reason I wanted it was that our towels just were not getting dry fast enough no matter where we would hang them in the bathroom and I didn’t want to change towels every single day. It works great and our damp towel issue is resolved. As a perk it’s so nice to use a warm towel when you get out of the shower. As to leaving it on all the time - we have it plugged into a timer (set to turn on later on the weekends!) and this also works great!

If you have electric heat it’s decreaces the load on the heat strips so it dosn’t realy cost anything and I don’t want a hot towl in the summer