Toweling: Towel Things


Take a look at our new Buying Guide for Bath Towels and tell us what you think.

Can anyone comment on the 700 series towels? It seems as if they have been sold on Woot before…Do they throw off lots of lint when washed? I know these take longer to dry than mid-weight towels, but how long? Hours? Days?

I picked up 2 sets of the bath sheets last time they were offered. These towels are so big I can only wash one at a time in a large capacity washing machine. The first wash/dry cycle produced a surprisingly small amount of lint, subsequent washing/drying cycles have produced very little lint as well. Drying time in a dryer at moderate to high heat takes about 45 minutes and drying them outside on a sunny day takes a few hours.
These are very high quality, similar to what BBB sells for $60+ EACH. Been waiting for these towels to come back again, like them so much I’m picking up a few more sets.

I got 4 of the herringbone 700GSM bath sheets last time. They are HUGE. I can only wash/dry 2 at a time in my front loading machine. But, as the other person said, almost no lint. I love them, they are so luxurious.