Tower Adventurer 1 iSUP Package - 9'10"

Does anybody have an experience with them? Would it be ok to use for myself and my dog? Is it durable?


This is a very sturdy board and easy to inflate and deflate with the 3 fins being a must for any SUP to make tracking a straight line much easier. At 9’ 10" it is one of the shorter boards so depending on your size and the size of your dog, you may find this model a little cramped for your style and not as stable as some of the longer and wider boards.

Good for a 16 year old daughter who has limited experience with SUP, but has done it enough that we’d like to buy one?

I bought two of these in August of 2012 (it was the exact same price in 2012) the first time Woot offered them and they held up pretty well. My kids use them every summer and they are very durable. I watched one of my sons friends smack one of them into a barnacle encrusted piling and it just bounced off with just a scrape or two. I would have bet money that it would have ripped a hole in it, but I was pleasantly surprised. We lost one of them this last summer while inflating it,one of the seams separated on it and it was done. 5 years of serious use, not bad I guess.

My 16 year old daughter (at the time) with limited SUP experience quite enjoyed this very model at the lake. It is harder to stand on these things that one would expect (personal experience). Definitely a good core workout. This is a really nice product. Feels like a solid core when blown up.