Tower Adventurer 1 iSUP Package - 9'10"

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Tower Adventurer 1 iSUP Package - 9’10"
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Inflating one of these with a hand pump would suck, so much. I have one with an electric compressor that hooks into my car battery and even that takes a solid 8 minutes to bring the board up to pressure. You’ll be pumping for an hour.

I dunno. My little nephews blew up my BodyGlove SUP in 10 to 15mins, and they weren’t using the pump on both strokes. Yes it fills on both push and pull.

I own this SUP and it takes less than 10 minutes to hand pump.

On a side note, I love this SUP, but the list price ($1,175) is ridiculous. It’s not a watch.

If you just need the iSUP, you can pick it up for cheaper elsewhere.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Tower Adventurer 2 is currently the same price on Amazon, which is their new and improved model and imo, is a lot better iSUP. Also comes with a book.

I’ve had this board as well as their XPlorer board, which I love. I’ve recommended these boards to many who have had great experiences with these boards.

Lately, I’ve heard reports that the recent build quality of these boards is diminished–small leaks popping up. They warranty the board so maybe its not a big deal, I’m not sure.

We have a Connelly SUP that is greater volume than this one. My daughter and I can take turns with the 2-way pump and have it fully inflated in 6-7 min. Even though they’re slower, I still may get an electric pump to save the trouble of manually pumping. It’s not fun.