Tower Adventurer 2: Paddle Board Bundle

We bought two of these two years ago and they are great! And it is $100 cheaper! Worth it for storage, transport and ease of use.

When you inflate/deflate these, people will be very curious and ask questions wanting one for themselves.

It does require about 230 pumps to inflate. If your reasonably fit, it is no issue.

I also bought 2 of these 2 years ago. These are great! And yes, people do ask all the time about these. They’re great to bring out on the boat. The kids and adults love them. Easy to transport. I would suggest you buy an electric pump from Tower. So much easier then the manual pump they give you. Plug into any cigarette lighter in the auto or boat and minutes later you’re paddling. Enjoy!

Might get one of these for my kids…being 6ft and 260lbs this board is not long enough for me…Have been on several sub 11 ft boards and just way more comfortable on a 12+ foot board.

this board will be great for most people.

The Amazon treasure truck in my area sold this exact item for $349 less than one week ago.

My only complaint is that this does not come with a backpack carrying case. I purchased two other boards that were less expensive but still good quality and they both came with carrying cases.