Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle

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Check out this review over at

These were hugely popular at my son’s summer camp this year.

In for 1! I had this on my Amazon Wish List at $699 so this is a sweet deal.

Looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this before the end of the summer.

Check out the larger inflatable paddle boards they have over at sellout.woot, multiple colors and sizes like TWIN and QUEEN. I guess you have to supply your own paddle.


Seems to be an OK deal - $595 @ the brands own site:

[MOD: Ours includes the paddle & pump]

Your such a TROLL, if you knew anything and or even had traveled outdoors in the past few years you would have a clue what a SUP is… the cost to make this unit in China is actually around $350 landed… Stop being a troll and posting on things your clueless on ! To all others inflatables are a super killer way to go, I own a stack of different SUP boards and have two inflatables they are great, easy to travel with, no need to store a 11-12’ board easy to check on a plane and save a fortune on that trip to HI. Only prob I see with this deal is it’s missing a backpack. I have the Seeker by JimmyStyks and it comes with some extras, then again Costco sells them at $800 so this is a pretty good deal, make sure you pump this to 15psi if you buy it, that is key !

This brand might have been the one pitched and bought into on Shark Tank a season or two back.

Great deal! What a surprise email this morning! I’ve been watching this thing for a while now and was getting ready to drop the $699 next week.
I borrowed my buddies last week and was blown away at the quality, and stability of the board. I am a employed by a Fire Department, and I am a part of the water rescue team. These boards are made out of the same material that our DIB and Zodiac rescue boats are made out of, strong quality stuff. Not sure where the guy has been that don’t know what this is.
Anyway, if you are looking for a iSUP this is a deal!

It was!

$595 without the pump and paddle. Pump and paddle like this deal takes you to $699.

I still think these things are WAY too expensive for what they are (mostly the “fad tax”)… anyway… I did a quick google to see “why paddleboards cost more than surf boards” an this was one of the results: Good reading…

Bought one a year or two ago at this price, and don’t (yet) regret it.


  • Pump and paddle are a bit flimsy.
  • More than big enough for 188cm, 100kg person.
  • A fair bit of work to inflate and deflate, but packs pretty well when you do.

My wife mocked my purchase, then tried it out on a sailing trip. It’s now in the garage ready for use all summer (we live near a beach).

OK, I might be a bit behind in my fads - but for an MSRP of $1195 and even for Woot’s discounted price there is NO REASON for a flimsy hand-pump. None. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank. And someone else posted that this has $350 in parts/labor costs - really now? Someone explain that to this engineer. Are the polymers or the synthetic foam interspersed with rare earth metals or did they make the flimsy pump out of silver? I await enlightenment.

That’s 6’2" and 220lbs for my fellow Americans.

Be aware that if you’re a beginner or have some crap balance (like me), you will want to start off somewhere the water is calm. You’re still going to spend some time in the water. The nice thing about these in comparison to a kayak is they are much easier to get back onto when in the water.

Anyone know how long it takes to inflate this puppy? Also to deflate? Don’t want to spend an hour inflating and another hour deflating to be on the water for an hour…

Given the comments about the pump, also wondering…can you use a bike pump or something else besides the pump here?

Keep in mind that this is not designed to ride waves larger than knee high… it is more for exercise and just paddling around.

With that said, this is a good price for a product like this, I surf but have friends that SUP and have personally seen these used in the bay and they’re great!

One of the major problems with SUPs is transporting them from location to location… they are heavy and bulky, but this is a great solution for someone with a car/bike/no capacity for a standard SUP. I would however recommend using an electric pump…

I have this board as well as Tower’s larger (14 foot) inflatable board and I also have a fancy 14 foot fiberglass board (lakeshore paddle co). I absolutely love my 14 foot Tower, it is my board of choice and is probably as good as most other inflatables out there. If that board were for sale here I’d probably buy another one.

This board is okay, but with my size/weight (about 200 lbs) it acts more like a barge plowing through the water. But, it works fine for my 15 year old and others. Its been a good board and I’d buy it again.

The pump… When I bought this board the pump that came with it was cheap and could barely pump up to 10 psi. The current pump that tower is including is very good and easily pumps up to 12-15. I think it is the same pump that Red Paddle markets with its boards and they pump their boards up to 25 psi.

And, a quick note about inflatables vs hard boards. Hard boards paddle a bit nicer, but there are always problems: dropping the board, hitting a rock, etc. Repairs on fiberglass boards are a pain. There are indestructible options for hard boards (look at Tower’s webpage, or Glide) but you seem to get a heavier board if you go this route. I’m a big fan of the inflatables and think the performance decrease is worth it.

Overall, I highly recommend this board. Its a great deal and you will find it difficult to beat the price here. Its obviously not the best board you can buy, but for the price you can’t go wrong.

Even with the use of common place materials, if you only produce in a volume for a fraction of the population unit cost is high. (Recall the $900 toilet seat for the space shuttle or whatever)