Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle

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Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle
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I bought one of these back in August and love it! We got a lot of use out of it before the end of the summer. The first time we inflated it, we had some trouble getting the pump to lock into the valve correctly. I called Tower customer service and they not only answered the phone right away but were very helpful. We got it fixed and were on our way. It gets a bit difficult at the end to pump it all the way up to proper psi, but my hubby was able to get it done when I couldn’t. Everyone in my family was able to use it, although my 6’2", 240 lb husband felt it was a bit wobbly for him. He could use a bigger, more stable board but this one held him just fine. We even took the dogs out on it. We would love to buy another one of these, if only we had the extra funds right now.

This was on Shark Tank tonight, the cost of the board was around $600.

In for one. Bought one in summer and after a few trips to the lake, my wife and I swore we’d get another one if they came back on woot. I’ve led a few people to buy them based on my recommendation. When I saw the pic of the guy standing on the board and it didn’t bend, I was skeptical, but these are the real deal. Super rigid, while also feeling soft on the feet or knees compared to a normal paddle board. They deflate down to the listed specs for checked airline baggage and the customer service is great. I called bc the center fin was different than the directions, but it turns out it was a new design. I definitely recommend this product.

I’m the first sucker to woot!


Thanks for being the first sucker! Ha!

And glad you are loving your board enough to be a repeat customer. Thanks!

-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


Glad you’re loving your existing paddle board and thanks for the helpful comment!

Sorry to hear you had some difficulty with getting your board inflated… but really happy our customer service team came thru for you! We pride ourselves on that. Just a few days ago we released a video owner’s manual which should really help new owners - see:


Also, we’ve now sell an electric pump for these boards sold separately if you’re not loving pumping it up by hand!

Electric pump for inflatable paddle board

Hope this helps!

-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Nice catch Bedinarose! We were on Shark Tank on CNBC last night. I was wondering if any Wooters might catch that.

For anyone that didn’t catch it, here’s a little snippet of me blowing my pitch! Ha!


So that was hard to watch… but all turned out well as Mark Cuban invested $150K and now we’re one of his best investments from the show, and we were named the fastest growing company in San Diego this past summer. As they say, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish! Ha!

-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


Thanks for posting that review. Here is probably a better, more detailed review that a customer sent in. Note this was completely unsolicited. He’s just a river guide that really appreciated his purchase so he let us know. It’s pretty insightful, and he definitely goes into great detail.



-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Here’s a video our team put together giving you the run down on our Adventurer inflatable paddle board. It shows us running over it with a car while it’s inflated, throwing it off a balcony, and also a 200 lb guy standing on it over an 8’ span with it barely bending.



-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

I have three of these. Loved mine so much that I gave each of my kids one for Christmas. I’ve had them for about three years. We regularly use them on a local river and get to enjoy seek g all sorts of wildlife as we glide silently through the water. I can never get the boards pumped above 7 psi, but they are still hard as a rock and very stable. On very windy days they tend to weather vane a bit. The pumps are adequate but after year two, one of the pumps hoses became separated from the valve adapter. The only other problem I’ve had is that the glue holding the bottom section of paddle together gave way. Used some gorilla glue on it and it has been fine since. My paddle had this problem after one season, my teenagers paddle did the same thing after season 2. Same fix with gorilla glue worked fine. These store well in the winter as they roll up to a small manageable size. Other than some cosmetic scuffs and a little discoloration(vinyl just seems to do that with time and use) my boards are in perfect shape. Have enjoyed every opportunity to use these. I have decided to give in to ease and speedy set up. Pre ordered the new pump and anxiously await it’s delivery as my Christmas present this year. Happy Paddling and thanks for making a great product!!!

So, hypothetically, if I were to buy one of these and scoop out all the Space Yarn from the inside of it, could I use it to knit an astronaut sweater? Or at least a pair of astronaut mittens?

I bought one of these towards the end of the summer and love it. I’ve used it several times. I’m a basically fit 40s something woman and have had no trouble transporting it and inflating it by myself. The pump works fine. The paddle is fine and it does float. Unfortunately I left mine on the shore after packing up and it was gone when I came back a few hours later–It cost me $100 to replace locally with a carbon fiber one. I inflate and deflate before transporting on both ends of the trip. It takes me about 10 minute to get it in the water and maybe 20 to towel it off and get it back into the car for a return trip. I love having my own vehicle to watch the sunsets from the bay near Ocean City, MD. I always get comments and questions when I take it out. It’s tons of fun. I’m thinking about another one for guests but the timing just isn’t right.

I purchased one of these in August after seeing them on here about a year prior. I had been visiting my parents in Vermont, wishing I had my standard SUP with me because the weather was beautiful, but driving 6.5 hours with it on top of the car is not a fun thought. I told my mom that I thought I would buy one if I ever saw the deal again. The next morning I got online, and the Tower Inflatable SUP was available.

I have been SUPing for about 3 years now, both on lakes and rivers in Maine. Comparing to my rigid SUP the weight is about the same, a huge benefit of the inflatable is not having to get it on top of my car! I have a Prius, and it will fit in the back at about half inflation, so once I use it the first time I have less work to do.

This summer I was a bit limited on how much I could SUP because plantar fasciitis made standing on a rigid board painful. While the Tower board is stiff and will not bend, it feels a little bit softer on the feet. Way more comfortable with the PF.

Handling of the board: compared to a rigid board it felt like it had a bit more drag, but not much. Unless you are planning on paddling all day I doubt you would notice this. The Tower board is just as maneuverable as a traditional board and also tracks well in the water.

Yoga: While I am not adventurous enough to try more than Warrior on the SUP (I can barely stay on my feet on solid ground) one of my friends does yoga on the SUP. She couldn’t wait to try on my board. She said that she felt more stable on the Tower board than her board. She also like the feel of the surface…that slight softness I mentioned earlier. She was able to get into King Pigeon and almost all of the way into a full headstand! I am currently trying to convince her husband to surprise her with one for Christmas (not going very well).

All in all I am quite pleased with this board. I have no qualms about recommending it.

PS I love that Stephan Aarstol (CEO of Tower) is following the thread :slight_smile:

This video is really helpful. The only problem I had with the one I bought last summer was figuring out how to deflate it. There were no instructions with the board and I couldn’t find anything online at the time. However, it didn’t take long to figure it out!

I too bought one this summer on Woot. I purchased it because it is easy to stow when I travel on our sailboat. I live on a deep water canal on the Outer Banks , NC so it was a great gift for my girlfriend. There was a downside, as I watched my girlfriend paddle away, I was standing on shore. So, I had to buy a second board for myself! Another bonus, our small dog loves it! You can’t get on the board without him. He will even jump back and forth from board to board when we paddle together. Lot’s of fun! Tower customer service even left me a voicemail at my office, months after my purchase, to make sure everything was ok with my board. It was a sad day when I put them away for the winter. Can’t wait until Spring. Take my advice, buy two now!


Thanks for sharing your experience, and I’m glad you and the family are loving your boards.

FYI - the electric pumps all shipped out so you should have it any day!!!

-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards