Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle

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In for one. Although there is fresh snow on the ground in Lake Tahoe it should be summer soon enough. I was hoping for the Xplorer to appear but an Adventurer will have to do for now.

If only they would ship to Hawaii, I’d buy 3 of these.

Just returned a pair of Xterra inflatable SUP’s (they were $550 each). I gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised by the rigidity and the relative ease of packing in the backpack the units came with. BUT, huge downside (at least for my wife and daughter) was the effort to inflate…basically you can count on 200-250 pump strokes to fully inflate and the last 50-100 are brutally hard (I kind of liked the nice tri burn but the ladies, for whom the boards were purchased…not so much). This unit looks very similar and the attachment of the pump was PITA the first couple times (I figured it might get easier but they went back after 3 tries). Also the pump and tubing are really cheap (not sure how long they would have held up…). If there were a compressor adapter I would have kept 'em…alas Xterra could not provide a solution.

Actually, that is the wrong product page. That is for the board only. This is the package that you get here

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Beardgod - We offer an electric pump sold separately, if you’re not into pumping these up by hand. See

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Here’s a good demonstration video of this board.



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I ordered one of these during the last woot and still havent had a chance to use it! I bought it for my wife to keep at our beach club, after inflating I’m guessing it would easily support me at 225lbs.
It takes no where near 250 pumps, I thought the gauge on my pump was broken, as it really doesn’t register anything until the last 10 to 20 pumps. I did count the number of pumps and it was somewhere around 100-115 as I recall.
I would say this is far more rigid than I anticipated, my 225lbs, on a hard floor, barely deflected the top foam material. It is also my opinion that the material feels of very thick gauge. better than I expected for the price.
The only downside is I havent found a convenient way to carry it. board/pump/fin/paddle.

We have a summer rental property on the Jersey Shore and we are looking to add a SUP for our renters to use. $500 is a good price point for us. I know nothing about SUPs but is this a good choice for our needs? Our guests won’t be deflating/inflating the SUP, just putting it into the water off the dock. Should we just look for a rigid SUP?

I bought one for my girlfriend last year. The only problem was watching her paddle away while I stood on my dock. So I had to buy another one for myself at a higher price. Buy two now. As far as pumping it up, there is an after market compressor adapter available but be careful with it, don’t inflate all the way with it. I also used the reverse outlet on a portable vacuum to get it most of the way and finished with the hand pump. There is another cheap high pressure 12 v pump available but not nearly as nice as the tower one.

As far a carrying it uninflated, get a duffle bag with shoulder straps for $20-$40 everything will fit inside and you can easily carry it and check it as luggage.

They hold air for months so using it in a rental would be fine. It can be punctured but a regular SUP would get dinged up and or cracked. There are cheap plastic SUP boards that would hold up great but the are very heavy and don’t perform well.

I wanted an inflatable because I wanted to store it on my sailboat when I travel and out of the way during the winter. Can’t wait to get them back out this year! Also our dog loves it and Tower customer service is the best there is.

I bought 2 the last time they were here. THey aren’t the ‘top of the line’ but they are functional and easy to learn on and use. We had a great time on them last year.

As for inflating - they are tough. You can not over-inflate using the hand pump. Not possible, so when in doubt, pump more.

That said - it gets hard to do toward the end. The good thing is that, once inflated, you can keep them inflated for the summer if you have a place to store them. Then, come winter, deflate and store. That’s what we ended up doing last year and it worked well.

So - order 2 (you’ll have a lot more fun with someone else) and get ready for water-season! You’ll be glad that you did.

Schorert: Here’s a link to a carrying backpack we came out with not too long ago. It will fit the entire board package (board, paddle and pump) inside.

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Tlabetti: Inflatable boards are the way to go because of their durability. And you can just keep them inflated all season. Plus they have much more volume than the same length hard board, so they are great for beginners with the added stability.

Here’s a video we did testing the durability of these things:

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Bought two of these last year and used them several times in the summer and twice in the (mild Seattle) winter. Overall, a very fun, high-quality product for a great price. Don’t let the “inflatable” part dissuade you - when inflated, they are quite rigid and stable, and you can easily have two people on one board. The portability is great for city dwellers - they don’t take up much space to store and there’s no need for a roofrack to transport them.

We love ours and have been recommending them to friends!

Bought one in last fall Woot sale - great construction, surprisingly rigid. Pretty easy (beginner) board, but that’s the inflatable world I suppose. Considering a second one!

Bought one last summer and it’s been great. I use a battery powered air mattress pump to get the bulk of the inflating done quick then use the supplied pump to pressurize. Also works to help suck all the air out when deflating. From kids to my 6’5" 250lb+ buddy had a blast on it. My only issue was the pressure gauge never worked.

Blindsider: The gauge on the hand pump won’t register until the board is at 7-8 PSI or so. We recommend riding your board at 10-15 PSI, so if the gauge still isn’t registering just keep pumping! There’s no way to over-inflate or damage the board with the hand pump in the package.

You’re likely right around 5-6 PSI if the board feels rigid. You’ll probably need about 20-30 more pumps of heavy resistance then the gauge will start to register.

Hope this helps =)

Stephan Aarstol
Founder, Tower Paddle Boards

Ok, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

In for one. Cowabunga, baby!