Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle

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Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP Bundle
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Discussion/Comments from a previous offer

I bought one of these about a year ago. I found it hard to keep my balance in salt water. I test paddled some longer inflatables and they were much better for me and my husband. Sold mine to a friend with active kids. He tried it and couldn’t get balanced, his kids tried it and it worked perfect for them.

I got one of these last time they were up here. We live next to a flat water tidal creek - salt water, tidal, decent current about mid-tide. I am…rather top heavy (240lbs) and had tried a different SUP and had a very hard time balancing. I have no trouble balancing on this one - it’s great! My center of gravity can slip nearly all to one foot and I’ll still stay up. I was also worried about difficulty of inflation, but it was easier than I thought - about 10 minutes. And everyone that sees and handles it is amazed it is inflatable; it is super rigid! Now I have to get a second one, so the wife and I can go together!

What are you waiting for? Get one!

Very excited. Total impulse purchase of 2 for me and my husband. Tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time in Jamaica last year and got up the first time! And this is from a girl who trips walking across a room. Tried again in a rough Atlantic ocean with my surfer friend and couldn’t get up but it was a really windy and rough day. For the next 2 years, I live on the Mediterranean sea which is pretty calm, so I am confident at boosting my skills and actually getting my husband into a water sport that he will enjoy! At the discount, I couldn’t beat it and if worse comes to worse, I can always sell them.

This was my first woot purchase. I liked my solid Tower SUP and bought this for portability and as a second. Have not been able to get it on the water yet (all my limited Florida days since have been too choppy), but it looks great and inflates to feel very solid. The review of it are all good from what I’ve seen and I expect good performance. The pressure gauge and pump may be questionable, but the board seems first rate.

Only got to use it twice since I purchased it. 6’0", 170 lbs. Works well for me. Balance is a little difficult, but I can stay up. I am assuming it will come in time like anything else.

We have two of these and they are wonderful. Aside from being so much easier to balance on than standard paddle boards, they are SOOOOO much lighter, thus easier to transport. We leave ours inflated and just add air when needed. At only 26 pounds, versus 40-60 with a standard board, I can get it in the water from the dock by myself with no problem. We live on the Intracoastal in S. Florida and use ours almost every weekend.
Also, our daughter and family have 2 in Ohio and use them all summer long on the lake they live on.

Please bring back the 3 seat kayak, with the removable seats. We have been waiting to see those again, so we can get one.
Thanks Woot!

Here’s a good explanatory video on this inflatable paddle board:



-Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Hi all,

Here’s an unsolicited customer review that was sent into us. The guy is a pretty serious river guide and this review is extremely detailed:



Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Hi all,

This Tower inflatable paddle board was named one out of ten of, “The Most Impressive Products of the 2015 Inc. 500.” The “INC 500” is the list of America’s fastest growing companies over the past 3 years and Tower was on that list at #239, and this product you are seeing here on Woot was singled out as one of the top 10 most impressive products. Here’s a link (see the 3rd product down):

These Are the Most Impressive Products of the 2015 Inc. 500


Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

I have a small-ish car… what do these things look like deflated? Could I roll it up and put it inside…? Thanks!

Bought this last time it came around. Good board for a good price. Tried it out on a lake with the detachable fin, on a river with out the fin, and tried some SUP yoga.
Tracks well with the fin, down the river it is a little hard to keep from yawing without the fin but acceptable. Great for yoga.
Overall great purchase.

its about 33" wide and rolled into a 12" diameter easily. You could probably get it smaller if you had too.

You da best. Thank you!

Thanks for your comment. Balance can be tricky on paddle boards, especially for larger riders (heavier or taller makes it exponentially harder). Stability of boards is primarily about the width of the board. This board is 32" wide and considered a beginner friendly board so I’m a bit surprised that you had difficulty with it. That’s pretty uncommon for this board. Going with a longer board can help, but it’s really more about the width and floatation of the board. Maybe try our 14’ x 8" thick board - that is good for up to 800 lbs !

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

I have 2.

They roll up to about a tube 18" in diameter and 32 inches long. Paddles are 2 piece units that come apart. Pump is a pump.

You should easily be able to fit it in your car.

They sell a river fin that is a little shorter: SUP Fins for River - 4" Deep

I haven’t tried it, though.