Tower Adventurer Stand-Up Paddleboard

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Tower Adventurer Stand-Up Paddleboard
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7/16/2016 - $499.99 - Click To See Discussion (29 comments)

I really can’t recommend this board enough if you’re in the market for an SUP. It works great, it’s easy to lug around, blowing it up isn’t too difficult, and since it’s inflatable, it’ll fit right in your vehicle without needing roof racks or anything.

I’ve used mine quite a bit this summer, and haven’t had any problems. In fact, people are typically asking me about it and where they can get one. I started off learning on hard boards, and would put this up against most of them any time.

The biggest complaint for me would be the lack of an ankle harness, which might be a bigger deal if you plan on using this on a fast moving river or other moving water. The closest body of water to me is a pretty still lake, so it’s not that big of a deal, though it would be a nice thing to have, just in case. An ankle harness probably isn’t that hard to buy or make, though, so I certainly wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

I concur w/ Groz24.
I love this thing. It’s stable and light, and breezes through the water.
I have upgraded the paddle and added a leash. I also glued 4 lash points on the front and ran a small shoelace bungie through them to tote around extras like a life jacket.
My 7 year old rides along with me all the time and we like it better than kayaking.
The pump works great to get the board inflated to 11-13 psi. It’s a bit of work and time toward the end of the task, but we keep ours inflated and just lash it to the top of our SUV.

I must say there are a few inflatable SUP’s on Amazon that are a little cheaper that come with a backpack and bungee’s at the front of the board. They are about the same size and also 6" thick. If you don’t weigh 300 pounds you can get a 5" thick one for $100 less. No idea of the durability difference though, and they only have a single fin.

Video I made about year ago of this board in some swift-water action.


Here’s a good video explaining the features and benefits of the Tower inflatable paddle board:


Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


Glad you are loving your board and recommending it to friends! That’s how we drive all of our business, so I appreciate it!

On the ankle leash, you only really need that in swift moving water or in the waves. It really just gets in the way if you are tooling around a lake or calm bay, which is is 99% of people. We do offer them as an add on accessory, but very few people really need them.

Enjoy your board!

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


Thanks for the comments and glad you are loving your board, and enjoying with the family!

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


Thanks for your comments and your bring up valid questions. there are definitely cheaper iSUPs on the market and there are a bunch of different brands and manufacturers, of varying quality, materials, thickness, construction, design, etc. Some are good, but there is also a lot of “buyer beware” out there.

Before we introduced our Adventurer board, inflatable paddle boards were less than 1% of the worldwide market of paddle boards. Everything out there basically sucked. They’d been around for maybe 5 years at that point and no one was buying them… and for good reason. Today, just 4 years later iSUPs are about 30% of the market and that number is growing fast. This growth is because there are now good quality iSUPs on the market, most of which are being bought thru retail for $1000-$1200. This is what we’re selling, but in a direct to consumer model so it’s only $600-$800, or in this case at a screaming deal in a crazy one-day sale :wink:

Note that some iSUPs are made of inferior materials and construction. Lately a lot have been switching to a single layer construction to save costs instead of gluing 2 layers and 4 layers overlapping on the rails. These single layer boards are much cheaper to create, but not as durable. I’ve also seen some companies giving no waranties or only 1 year warranties. As in any business, there will be compaines trying to make the cheapest stuff possible n fly-by-night businesses. And on the other hand there will be businesses like Tower that are building great brands on the back of the finest quality products out there and over years of dedication with a lot of proven customer reviews. Just look at Amazon and which board sells the best and has the most reviews, and you’ll find this exact board.

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Baords


Thanks for posting the video, and looks like you had a great run down that river! these things are great on rivers, and as you can attest you don’t have to worry about anything even running them up on the rocks on shore.


Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Hmm, well played my good sir. I might think hard about getting yours then. How does the warranty/support work if bought through woot?

I would strongly (read that STRONGLY) advise against any sort of a leash that attaches you to the board or a paddle in moving water. That is a death trap waiting to happen. If you’re going to leash anything just leash the paddle to the board, but please do NOT leash yourself to either of them. And always wear your PFD! :slight_smile:

Leashes are not death traps, they are used extensively on surf and paddle boards.

Warranty is through Tower Paddle Boards just like if you buy it any other place. We’ve been partners with Tower for a few years now.