Tower Inflatable Lounger

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Tower Inflatable Lounger
Price: $26.99
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5/9/2017 - $26.99 - Click To See Discussion (14 comments)

Like sleeping in a giant ________

[MOD: Yeah, let’s not go there.]

I’ll be here off and on for the next 24 hours to answer questions on our Tower inflatable lounger.

A few quick notes:

  • these things float so you can chill in the lake

  • in addition to lounging long ways (like a hammock), you can sit across these like a seat. Two people can in fact.

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO

Do you think this would work as an air mattress for an overnight guest? My 15-year-old grandson is 6’3" and a very lean stringbean. Do you think this might work? He’s too long for my couch, but might go for something like this. Would it hold air for 8 hours with someone sleeping on it?

The huge problem with this inflatable lounger is that it appears as a human female genital. And any person attempting to use it looks like a male genital.

In any shopping mall or public space where these are on display, folks are saying this as soon as the salesperson can’t hear the comments! They are a joke!

They do look comfy and I have ordered 2 because I have always wanted them. I do wonder if they are “crinkly” sounding though? All the same, I’m looking forward to them.

It says that it’s 68" long when inflated, so I doubt it. Coming from someone that was 6’2" in middle school, a couch isn’t great but it’s doable for a night or two. But anything inflatable is beyond terrible. You’re stuck with two options, either your head or your legs will hang off the sides.

Stop it. I’m not trying to make love to this lawn couch.

My cats would make short work of that!

how do you pump this up? I want this for work to nap when working OT during web deployments to sleep on (I’m serious)

In Cairns, Aus ATM and saw these first in the local mall (didn’t price) and then later in a tourist discount shop for $10AUS. Surely not the same brand but thought it was funny to see it on woot today.

Watch the video on the item page

I’ve recently returned 6 similar items due to poor quality. On one the seam in the middle busted with normal use, and the other lost the seam on the nylon webbing for the clasp.

Does your product have quality seams? Is the outer membrane made of rip-stop fabric? How many colors are available?

Thanks in advance.

Seriously. We are a hell of a gullible bunch. Need an inflatable bed for guests? Spend a little more and get something well made they can actually sleep in and not this ridiculous thing.

Message to mall rats: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

The tiny paw prick is the worst…the almost undetectable sloooow leak as you wake up in the middle of the night 1/2 way to the floor. Or, in a really quiet room, the barely perceptable “ssssssssss” of escaping air.

I’m… I’m sorry, is that a bad thing? Was that not half the point of getting one of these?

I’m also wondering about durability, I’ve seen similar models get plenty of bad reviews on Amazon.

What is the weight limit?

So sales are low in Utah & the Bible belt?

Probably gets compensated for in areas that aren’t as sexually repressed.