Tower Inflatable Lounger

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Tower Inflatable Lounger
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Has anyone ever taken one of these to a pool and floated on it?

My guess would be that once inflated, with a person on top, it has a high center of gravity and would immediately tip over.

I owned one of these but by the brand Twisted Root. Emphasis on owned. I put it out for the trash after using it just once. I took it on vacation with me to the beach and thought it would make the perfect beach lounger. Wrong. Even with a running start and a breeze off the ocean, it was hard to fully inflate. Once inflated, I figured the hard part was over. Nope. Once you sit in it, you can’t move or adjust yourself. If you try, it tips to the side and out you fall. Even if you sit in it perfectly the first time, it’s horribly uncomfortable. If you reach over the side for anything…book, beverage etc. it becomes unstable and unless you brace yourself, you fall out. When you’re willingly ready to get out, good luck. I could hear the laughter of the kids camped out near us on the beach as I tried. You can’t just swing your legs over the side and get out. If you do that, it swallows you up on both sides and you’ll have you wiggle around until you’ve wiggled yourself out of it because there’s no place for you to put your hands for stability. Your best option for exiting this is to tuck and roll off the side. You’ll wind up covered in sand, and look like a fool, but you’ll finally be free of this awful thing.

So if all this a sounds awesome to you, go for it. Otherwise, save your money and get a real hammock.

Had one that met its rapid demise with a curious feline that jumped in. Claws and a plastic liner don’t mix. Tried to patch, but couldn’t get a seal. Wish there was a way to just replace the plastic liner… might be in for another though just for fun. $15 is the price of the fancy margarita my husband had last night… this might last longer!

Certain I read an article talking about how a child died from doing that. Or almost died. Like it flipped and they got stuck and couldn’t get out from under it.

Daily Mail, though…

I bought this and it is a pain in the ass. I tried to inflate in the manner suggested but had no luck. Thought it may be easier on a windier day but had no luck then either. I gave mine to good will. Good luck to anyone else stupid enough to buy,