Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Bundle

Hmmm. The new hipster thing to do.

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Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Bundle
$449.99 + $5 Standard OR $31 Two-Day OR $33 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Anyone wanna bet on time to first Woot?

can’t remember the last time a non-woot off item sold out, woot ur doing it wrong

'SUP, dude?

I’m not going to take this offer sitting down!!!

It looks like a lot of fun and I have a lake right in my yard. But $449 seems steep for an inflatable.

I may not be remembering this accurately but I think that when I first starting following Woot, about seven years ago, most of the deals were fairly inexpensive and usually very interesting gadgets. Now we seem to get a lot of HDTV’s, Dyson’s, and well, now boats. Maybe it’s not possible to go back as the revenue might not be high enough but I sure miss those days and I hope some startup comes along to replicate that sort of deal site.


Sooo with you on that one, I don’t really get all that excited anymore. I scroll through the multitude of woot sites and say “eh” and go to bed. Sorry, Woot, since Amazon (whom I love) bought you, the deals haven’t been all that inspiring. That being said, they had an inflatable kayak a little while back for less than half this price, that was very tempting. :slight_smile:

I would much rather spend that kind of money on a kayak than a blow up.

I could not agree more. I’ve been a Wooter for many years and used to look forward to checking the daily deal, as the clock rolled around to 10 o’clock…but in recent months…meh. It’s almost always a disappointment.

Like you all said, miss the old days. But this much for an inflatable is truly ridiculous! My buddy just bought a two person kayak, paddles, and life vests for around $550! If this were <$100 I’d probably get it…

Oh and there’s one guy that actually got it from Texas… lol

Then you’ll love tomorrow’s 3-pack. Just 1¢ + $5 shipping.


Something for those with more money than sense. Seriously though, you can probably get a real paddle board for $500, why would you buy an inflatable one?

I’ll try to brighten the mood. I can’t stop laughing at this.


Right price, but a “Shark Tank” shark just took a 55% haircut on this business. Don’t you love the financial experts?

why the banana is this so expensive?

lol it’s been up for 36 minutes and only sold 1

TT, you say you listen to requests? Could you bring back the Dream Cheeky items? I want a missile launcher for cheap!!!

[TT: Put it on the list to turn in.]