Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Bundle

I was relieved to see that the paddle itself was not inflatable. Aluminum will do.

Who needs a paddle board in arizona? I don’t really like inflatable boards. You would be better off buying a used hard top for less

Tower Paddle Boards on Shark Tank:

Here it was last time I seem to remember a heated argument on if they’re cool or not, and bozo the clown stopped by too.

Apparently if you have a troll personality this is great for pissing off surfers.

nice post. I agree with Barbara, his communication skills were def lacking during the presentation. Luckily Cuban was there who understood him.

That was frickin awesome! Thanks for sharing!

People here use them in the river and the lakes. They havent all dried up yet.

I’ve been thinking of making this purchase the last couple times it was on here, as I actually live in a place where I could use one. I’ve seen Amazon and Walmart selling a similar package by Sevylor for $499. Anyone have opinions on Sevylor vs. Tower? Sevylor seems to be pretty bottom of the line when it comes to inflatables, but I don’t know about Tower. Thanks!

Tower seems to have a bit better reputation.

This is SOOO true! Not all paddleboarders piss off surfers, a lot of us do both for cross training purposes, but would not dare bring our paddleboard near the waves. It’s like surfing on steroids… People do it, but you aren’t gonna be getting much respect for it.

My wife just picked one of these up about 3 weeks ago when it was on Woot! (not Sports Woot!). So far it’s been terrific. The board itself is incredibly rigid - at 11 psi it’s about as hard as a well, hard board.

The included accessories are a bit weak but do as either an end-of-season tide-over or backups. The pump works; but as the tower website says; the last 30-40 pumps are painful but worth it. There are a few pumps out there that would require about 20-pumps to fill… The paddle, well, it’s not Werner, but for a starter paddle I suppose it’s OK.

**HERE** is the reviews from Amazon

In the end. This board really is what it claims to be. A great board, at a factory-to-consumer price. (Though their website is 'el sucko…).

I bought one of these and LOVE it!!!

Bought two and couldn’t be happier. Their website does show the package for $599 so this was a great deal at $499 with the $5 all you can ship. Pumping up takes about 5 minutes, rolling up after finishing takes a couple of seconds. Very stable and really quick in the water. I have used it like a surfboard and just paddled with my arms. Very quick. Maybe because it has air in it? Or sits higher on the water? Just a couple of theories. My friends and I run from the back of the board to the front and do flips and dives.

I have a convertible camero and one fits in the truck with two pumps, hoses, and 3 piece paddle. I think I can get the 2nd one in if I really do a tight roll up but it’s easier just to throw it in the back seat.

Just rewatched this one the other day… I love when he just freezes in the middle of his presentation… LOL

Can anyone tell me the total length of the paddle? If it is too short I will have to buy another one. I cannot find a customer service number for WOOT or I would ask them.

What is the weight limit on this board and how long is the board?

In New Jersey craigslist I am not seeing any used SUPs for less than this woot. Renting one from a guy that deals semi informally was $30 for 3 hours (a Doyle). I see them renting for as high as $80. If you have an idea for buying used please post it.

The real issues are are you going to use it regularly and this is the end of the season in much of North America, so this is kind of an end of season sale. It might be worth $100 to the company not to store them for the winter.

From the specs:
Dimensions: 9’10"L x 32"W x 6"D

They don’t give a weight limit but do say:
You can put the front tip on one chair and the rear tip on another chair, and a 200 lb person can stand in the middle and you can barely see it flex

Don’t know anything about SUPs, but when I shared this Woot with my brother in MI, he sent me this item from Craigslist: