Tower Inflatable Paddle Board Bundle

I thought it would be cheaper on woot than at least the manufactures site! Come on sportwoot…you’re slipping!

Should be $400 on here!

[MOD: It’s $495 there. Also, please see the note on the bottom of that page: NOTE: Hand Pump & Paddle Sold Separately. Ours includes both.]

That price doesn’t include a paddle, pump, or shipping. Total for an equivalent package on that site is about $600.

Are you sure you have the right link (I fixed that for you, by the way.)? Usually $450 is considered to be a lower amount than $495 (the price on the mfr’s site). Also, not sure if you noticed, that one you gave the link for does not include the pump or paddle. When you add those, the total comes to $569.


Its adjustable abot 10 feet. Im short and it ca go short enough for me. Easy to pump! Great package. A friend liked mine so she is going to get one!!

How inflated should it be? I saw references in one post to 11 psi, but I can’t get it higher than 7. How much will it matter?


It’s probably worth a call or email to Tower to find out.