Tower Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft iSUP Package

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Tower Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft iSUP Package
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New


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Can it do wheelies and stoppies?

That’s a really good price. I love the Tower inflatable I have now and jumped on this as an extra. The only thing I would say is that unless you are a lot more talented then me, you won’t be able to inflate it with the supplied pump to near the recommended pressure. With a compressor it takes too long to inflate. So I use the provided pump to get it mostly full (it’s good at rapidly getting a big volume of air into the board at low pressure) and then I bought an adapter to get it pressurized by my compressor (good at getting a low voume of air at a high pressure). I leave mine full unless traveling far.

Um a black iSUP would be more prone to poping if left in the hot sun. For the same price Bodyglove makes an iSUP package thats lighter and 11 ft long.

This one has the strap to attach to your PWC. I have the BodyGlove model , $340, on sale at BJ’s. That one comes with a backpack to carry it in. The skeg is permanent.

I have the BodyGlove model, and it’s no problem to pump to 15psi with the pump.

Well either Body Glove has a much better pump, or you are smarter or far more studly then me.

Tower uses high quality military grade PVC. I don’t think popping in the sun is a big risk for this model.

Or it could be that the high grade PVC used by Tower makes the board less elastic and thus much harder to get to a high PSI level. I may be wrong here. But I know it’s much easier to pump a flexible thin bicycle tire to a higher pressure than a much thicker strong tire. Any Phycisists want to weigh in on this.

What does the tattoo on the model’s arm say? Pretty sure it says “buyer beware – this product doesn’t work so well so we’re selling it cheap”

What’s with the anecdotal description? “I’ve literally thrown these things off a 2nd story deck and I frequently set it down anywhere (gravel, a parking lot, even on cement stairs).”

Who is this “I” and why should I believe him? Well, “I” did say ‘literally’, so you know “I” means business, unlike “J” who says things figuratively.

You can literally play bumper boats with these.

“F” that, I only play bumper boats metaphorically.

Seriously though, are these being sold by some guy who bought way too many? I really want to know how many of these things he’s throwing off his second story deck, since he was plural about it. I also want to know if this is a deck on the second story of a house or “literally” a double decker deck.

910" seems like a lot. Over 75ft? Pictures don’t do it justice.

This is a tough crowd, Tower has discounted product here before that they sell today at higher prices. I bought the plain white version of this a few years back. I’ve used in in the intercoastel waterway, the Gulf of Mexico, lakes and rivers and towed it behind boats. It’s tough.

I imagine the green ones didn’t sell as well expected. And they’ve got inventory problems. Without a discount I would not choose green or to have Kawasaki on my SUP, but for the discount many should find it worthwhile.

See tower in this review.