Tower Stand-Up Paddleboards- Your Choice

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Tower Stand-Up Paddleboards- Your Choice
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12/5/2015 - $499.99 - 549.9 - Click To See Discussion (19 comments)

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As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank

Here’s an explanatory video on our Tower Adventurer inflatable paddle boards:


Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

Here’s an unsolicited customer review of our inflatable paddle boards by a river guide, who knows quite a bit about high-grade, durable inflatables like those used for whitewater rafting.


Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

I’ll be available to answer questions throughout this Woot sale, so just throw them out there. I’m on the West Coast, so I’ll be sleeping the next 8 hours or so, but I’ll get to them in the morning.

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards

I purchased the Adventurer 2 bundle back in December '15 and finally had a chance to use it over the last couple of weeks with our heat wave.

My SUP experience had been a one hour group lesson (on a solid core board) with some friends. I bought the board based on reviews and links provided in the Woot product discussion.

The board takes maybe 2-3 min to pump to 8ish psi with the included pump, and it’s very solid. I no longer use the paddle that came with the package because I was given a little nicer one, but it worked fine.

I paddle with my border collie on the front and we’ve been out about five times so far on a nearby river. It’s a great way to spend a hot day, I’m very pleased with my purchase and recommend the board.

Bought last year woot had it on sale. Very happy with it.
Last month lost the fin and not sure where to get a replacement. Only fin I see on tower website is a river one.
anyone has any other fin suggestions?

I own three of these. I bought two from Woot a few weeks ago and one from Amazon a few weeks before that. My family and I really enjoy these. My wife likes that I can roll them up and put them away. I do tend to be the one that pumps them up on our outings so I will say that putting the last 4-5 pounds in three of these can fell like a workout all by itself. There is an electric pump, but I haven’t gotten one yet. If your looking to get into paddle boarding, but don’t want to eat up a lot of garage space or buy an expensive roof rack to transport them this is definitely the way to go. I highly recommend these. We have the Adventure 2 model. Being able to put water bottles and other nick knacks under the mesh netting is really nice.

This guy’s Shark Tank episode played last night. His presentation was really bad.

I was at a Paddle shop at the Beach and the owner tells me he rents a ton of this type of paddle boards and people love them. They also stand up to allot of use with no problems. Enjoy summer!!!

Tower boards are great! I used to have the adventurer (I sold it) and at some point I’ll probably buy the adventurer 2. But, even better is their explorer, at 14 foot giant. I just paddled 205 miles in 3 days on their explorer, carrying gear.

He knows he’s famous for that and he’ll even remind you of it himself. But it looks like he’s gotten the last laugh, eh?

Actually, if anything, it worked in his favor. I only watched the episode once and instantly remembered the brand name.

Ok I just bought the Adventurer 2. I have been looking for something to take across the lake and that is easy to get from my house to the lake which is a 15 min walk. I’ve never paddle boarded so will see how this goes. This seems ideal since I can roll it up and carry it and inflate it on the shore. Hopefully this turns out great and I’ll get another one for the kids. - Steve

Gah! Woot! Between you and Tower SUPs, you guys are killing me. My family and I love your boards, and we end up getting more every time you have them on sale.

I am going to try doing some paddle boarding with my dog this summer, and can’t wait. Got my dog her very own PFD yesterday!

Question…how should paddle boards be stored over the winter? Best if kept between a certain temperature, inflated or not, rolled up or not?
This last winter they were stored inflated in my garage. Temps were below freezing in the garage for a few months.


My birthday is coming up! You know, if anyone’s interested in sending presents… :wink: