TOWNEW T Air Lite Self-Sealing 4.2 Gallon Trash Can

TOWNEW T Air Lite Self-Sealing 4.2 Gallon Trash Can

Is there a video showing exactly what this does?

Here are the refill bags if anyone is interested


There is a video on the Amazon listing below

Hmm. Remember the DiaperGenie product from some time ago? It may still exist, we haven’t had any need for one in years…
Their specialty, and the secret to their business model, was a continuous sleeve in an evolved “dispenser”, and the ability to make little diaper “sausages” to contain the effluvium… that sleeve-dispenser was the consumable element, and they pretty much Gave Away the plastic tower and lid, etc, so you would spend and spend and spend again on the “sausage casing” sleeve (at a relatively stiff price, being the captive audience you were). Unfortunately for them, I almost immediately twigged to the fact a standard kitchen trash bag Worked Just Fine in place of their expensive ready-to-dispense “sausage skins”.

So I haven’t jumped in to the description here, past seeing some specialized trash-bag thinger. Of course, if I’m totally off base, I can always go back and edit reality.

Here’s a review of it or one similar from Freakin’ Reviews:

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Haha yea ok…now if it talked and said this smells like sht… And then seals… I’ll take two!! :joy: