Toys for Boys & Other Kids

I’d actually get the Ogre and castle playset for a little girl, the only reason why it’s geared towards boys is because it’s all soldiers. (No Queen/Princesses/Damsels included, even in the peripheral sets.)

My son started treating the ogre like it was a baby because it throws tantrums and appears to wear a loincloth.

The club was held on with a zip-tie, and we haven’t taken it out. Why? I don’t think it’ll manage to stay in if we DO take the zip-tie out, so no worries there.

Oh, it grumples, it hollers, and if you just barely keep it from dropping its club all the way, it goes “HUH?!” which is pretty adorable.

My four-year-old loves it, and that says quite a bit. :slight_smile:


Oh, and about connectivity/interactivity - The ogre does interact with the Imaginext Falcon Talon Castle with Sir Angus McReady. Sir Angus is actually, apparently, a king in his spare time.

When the ogre gets close to the castle, it shouts “OGRE, RIGHT AHEAD!!!” and “That ogre could cause SERIOUS DAMAGE.”


I’m still a teenager, so it kills me to say this, but toys were MUCH simpler when I was a kid.

I dunno, man. Furby “original” was NOT a simple toy.

I love imaginext toys - most of them hold up wonderfully, and this ogre was a big hit with my three year old grandson. He made me attack his castle for almost an hour straight when I gave it to him. Safe to take the zip tie off the club, by the way. It snaps into the ogre’s hand. It also makes a great thing for a little boy to beat his brother on the head with, however, so maybe the zip tie left on would’ve been a smarter move on my part. :smiley:

I’m in for the ogre. It works great with the set. We have the castle and some of the add-on small sets that feature an animal and knight. I was hoping these would go clearance but can’t find the additional dragon on Walmart. Better pick them up while I can!

The marshmallow shooters look pretty fun even if your not a kid =P

My son got the ogre and the dragon for his birthday. They’re both really cool toys and he plays with them all the time. One word of warning if you happen to find it, the dragon comes with a DVD. I can’t state this emphatically enough - THROW THE DVD AWAY!!! That is some of the most asinine and poorly done animation I’ve ever seen. Kill it, kill it with fire. Just don’t put it in the DVD player.