Toys To Tailgate? TailGREAT!

No Colorado State? Boooo

No Miami(OH)?

I want Miami of Ohio! Although you could buy a 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4" Birch plywood for $25 and make 2 sets of these with only the skills of running a saw in a straight line, a $1 can of clear varnish, $2 worth of HP sticker paper or have Staples print the banner and logos out first for $5 (Varnish over the stickers) and dollar store for bean bags. You can also have Lowe’s or HD actually make all the cuts for you for $0.25/cut after the first 4. I count 3 cross cuts (gets you 4 24" pieces) then stack 4 and rip 2x for a top 6" and bottom 2" pieces. Playing field is 40"x24". They’ll cut the circles too, you just have to ask the tile guy.

Has Birch ply came down in price that much??

I would watch home depot for cull lumber. there might be a bad spot or two, but I built a few things using at least some of it.

No Big Ten Champ / Rose Bowl contender MSU?!?!

How do these compare with other brand’s sizes/quality?

Is this a $90 piece of finished lumber with a hole in it?
Or is there more to these?

(also, the non-team ones seem to get horrible reviews and be less expensive on Amazon - I THINK those are the same)

I agree. I am disappointed in Woot (even though it’s probably the board brand’s fault) that they don’t have the Big Ten Champion, Rose Bowl playing, #4 football team, #5 basketball team school in their options to choose from. Shame on you. Shame.

But, I made my own boards over the summer. :slight_smile:

Looks great but would love to see some reviews to know the quality. Anyone out there own this particular one?

So here’s a little more about these for anybody who’s interested


Anything that gives me another excuse to say “cornhole” in a conversation is good in by book.

Echoing others–no Michigan State?! That’s majorly disappointing.

I would assume that Woot has the ones that DIDN’T sell well elsewhere. That’s why they are marked down. Slower to sell. So if your favorite team is missing, perhaps it’s because it is one of the MOST popular schools, and that’s why it didn’t make it to this Woot sale? Or on the opposite side, maybe your school is smaller, and not one of the ones that would have a large enough fan base for this item. You decide where your school falls!

Weird - fan of a purple team, but the bean bags are blue and red, colors of the most-hated rival . . . .

So, Ima gonna say no.

Nice spelling of BYU.

It’s spelled Brigham, not Bringham.