Toys under $10

Holiday quick gifts! Right?

Oh man, I almost want to get another Toss Across for this price! This was so much fun when we anchored the boat and just hung out in the water. Definitely great potential for an excellent drinking game there - and lots of fun for the kiddies in the non-drinking version.

One tip : assemble the game before you go out on the boat, especially if you have excited kids tht are anxious to play. It isn’t hard to do, but it does take a few minutes. Very sturdy, seems like it will last a long time.

Don’t forget toys for tots, why not throw on a cheap toy to your order if you already unlocked free shipping!

Excellent suggestion, as always!

Oh, it’s a Giraffe.

It all sold out so quick! Would’ve made amazing gifts (At amazing prices!) Maybe next time…

The Disney paint canvases are awesome… Especially at this price. They come with more than enough paint in resealable tubes that can then be used for other projects. I bought them and already gave the princess one as a gift, and everybody loved it!

I was never allowed to have floam, gack, or other gooey stuff as a kid. The only time I did was when some came with a hotwheels playset, and my mom was mad that I ruined one of my cars by letting the stuff crust up on it.

Are the batteries in the Ohioart Airguitar Picks secured well (with a screw or some such) or is it easy to pop them out? I was thinking of getting them for my son in law but they have a 2 year old who loves to take things apart…

I’m mostly amazed they still make floam. I was partial to Gak, myself.