Toys Under $10

Re Disney helmets. Be sure to pay special attention to the dimensions in the specs tab. The multisport says 5+, but according to the dimensions, would barely fit my 3.5 year old.

You have been warned.

The travel sets looked nice at a glance, but $10 for 6 pages seems a bit steep. Also, what happened to crayons? It’s a “travel set”, with colored pencils and no pencil sharpener? I didn’t like the inclusion of a ball point pen either, since that will write on too many things I don’t want my son to write on… I think I’ll pass on this one.

also, what’s the manuf date for the helmets? i’ve been reading that there are recommended lengths of time to replace helmets

I’ll see if I can get date info for you. I’ll come back and update my post when I hear back.