Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot Kit

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot Kit

All the pictures of this “Tin Can Robot” show that it is made of an aluminum can, not a tin can…

Tin can rolls off the tongue easier.

From Wikipedia - “In some dialects, even aluminum cans are called “tin cans””

Maybe it’s a UK thing or something those in EU think we use but actually don’t any more… last person to call an aluminum can a “tin can” that I knew of was my Grandpa because when he started drinking beer it actually did still come in tin cans… but he died a few years back and was in his 90’s.

Cheaper on Amazon’s normal page.

“Tin can” is still whooping “aluminum can” in literature.
Google ngram

And in US search queries:
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Do they have an abnormal page?

Also, crap! (UPDATE: We were able to lower the price.)