TP-Link 2-Pack Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Minis

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TP-Link 2-Pack Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Minis
Price: $34.99
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Condition: New Units - Open Box


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Stay away!

I have one of these, and one of the larger versions. They would be fine if they worked consistently, but they often stop working (can’t even be controlled by the physical button on the side) and must be power cycled to correct. That means unplugging and replugging. Total garbage!

Does anyone know:

Is this deal two plugs per each box (total of four), or one plug per box (total of two) ?


$29.99 with prime shipping (new). Ships and sold by amazon. Come on woot. $34.99 for open box???

Where do you see this for$30?

I look at Amazon and these are $26 for 1 and $42 for a pack of 2.

I have 5 of these. Some I have been using over 1 year and they have performed perfectly without any problems. The Kasa Android app just keeps getting better.

I 100% Agree, have had 2 of the larger TP Link plugs for a year and they work flawlessly. I frequently travel and use the Away function in the KASA app that has become very easy to use now.

I was wondering same thing. From what I can tell on Amazon by how they are packaged it is 2 total. The 2 pack comes in a different box. Also found them 39.99 for a 2 pack. The extra $5 there is worth it for me: sealed box, easier return if necessary, Amazon store pick up/return option…

Pretty sure this is 2 total. One in each box. I got these off Amazon and they work very well. The plug is larger than I wish it was, but not that big a deal. Kasa app supports any Tlink home stuff you may buy as well. I have the smart 3 way wall switches as well, and its all synced with Alexa flawlessly.

I have to chime in and say I have 2 of these for our bedside lights and they do work perfectly whether controlled by the Kasa app or using our downstairs Alexa or our upstairs Dot. I’d buy with confidence.