TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

what version of the router is this? v1, v2, or v3?

Yes - which firmware version are you selling?

Is this V1 or V2?

Same question. V1 was garbage. V2 and V3 versions are excellent, in fact its currently the recommended wifi router for most people on the wire cutter:

Per the vendor, the version can vary from unit to unit.

However the firmware version can be upgraded:

This is very misleading. V1 and V2 hardware versions are different and you cannot just “update the firmware” as you suggest to get V2. In fact the link you provide below clearly states that trying to put V2 firmware onto V1 hardware could damage the unit and void your warranty. Given that you can get the 2014 V1 unit for around $60 elsewhere maybe you guys are getting played by your vendor who is telling you they are interchangeable? This listing should be clarified to specify what you’re getting

We finally heard back about this. Vendor team says: “Packaging and case pack shows 2.0”