TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

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This is a great smart plug, very easy to connect (with Kasa and Amazon Alexa). I already have 2 and I am very happy that Woot offered these up today! Price is the best on the internet! Also helps you save on your electricity bill! Thank You Woot!

i have 3 of these, the price isn’t the best I’ve seen (got them on Amazon one time for $18 each) but since these are new i would still recommend them.

they’re better than WeMo in my opinion. I have a TP Link router too. they also work with Google Home and Alexa.

I don’t understand, so I plug this in and I can see how much electricity my fridge uses?

this doesn’t tell you how much you’ve used it, but it does allow you to remote control it with a smart things hub.

also, this is exactly what you can buy it for on amzn.

[Vmod note: Different model.]

You are referring to the HS100. This is the HS110 which adds energy monitoring and is currently $38.99 on Amazon.

I have this exact one (the HS110) for a portable air conditioner. The AC doesn’t have a built-in scheduler so this allows me to both set it up on a schedule and also monitor the energy usage. Great combo.

I have my living room lights connected to the mini non-energy monitoring model and have a daily schedule set up for automatically turning them on and off as well as control via Alexa and via the app – both great features for when I’m coming home late at night or have to come downstairs for some reason.

My only issue so far was that the app forgot my password a few weeks ago as I went to toggle the lights on as I was walking in at 2am. Not cool but just a one time glitch so far and I’ve had these for a year.

I am looking to control a water pump installed outside the house. WiFi signal does not reach to this place, so this smart plug may not be the solution I am looking for.

However, it made me wonder, are there any Powerline + “Smart Plug” combinations? or the amount of circuitry involved would make it impractical?

Also, am I too late to patent the idea? =0)