TP-Link Kasa Color Wi-Fi LED Bulb (2-Pack)

TP-Link Kasa Color Wi-Fi LED Bulb (2-Pack)

Can these be used in recessed “can” type fixtures?

Being reflector bulbs (versus standard A19 bulbs), I believe that’s the whole intention. Just make sure they’ll fit your fixture. This is sized as a BR30, so 3-3/4" diameter.

Can these be used outdoors?

Per the vendor:

These are all rated for indoor duty only. Like any other light bulb, you could use it outside but it probably won’t last long with all of the wi-fi circuitry being affected by moisture/humidity.

Ordered 6 bulbs and 4 out of 6 do not connect and can’t reset them by cycling the power off/on with 1 sec pause in between, as per instructions. Any other tips for resetting or is there an exchange option?

Hi there! I’m not sure of the answer but you might check in with TP-Link to see if they can help you. If they say they don’t cover the warranty, let me know bc I’m getting really tired of them saying that.

SO after a long struggle, I got one bulbs to fully reset. The other 3 have perpetual problems… one refuses to even turn on, no matter how many resets I try, no light comes on at all… the other two are extremely dim, even when set to their highest brightness, they are like 1% of the brightness compared to the “good” bulbs. I think those need to get replaced, as it’s clear they have issues… :frowning:

Oh dear. You can contact Woot CS. They should help you get replacements.

From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.