TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug (2-Pack)

I’ve got two if these I purchased from Amazon on sale for under $20 each, one about a year ago and one maybe sixth months ago.

The first has need to be unplugged twice, most recently this week, but otherwise it’s been reliable. I’ve had no problem with the other.

I use them for lamps.

There are smaller and slightly cheaper outlets out there now, some with power monitoring, but these work fine.

They work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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I love to set my wifi outlet with my a/c unit. When I was on nights, it would come on an hour before I got home so I had a nice cool room to sleep in

The mother ship has these for the same price.

Havent had any issues with this but they are thick and wont fit if you are trying to use betweek say a dresser and the wall. You would need more that 2" of clearance. Other than that, works well.

I purchased one several years ago. I have 3 complaints.
1st: The body of the device is so long you can not use the other plug as it cover it up.
2nd: I been unable to log in to the TP-Link account online to control the device when I am traveling. 3rd: No app for IOS. Otherwise it works well with Alexa and disconnects are infrequent

Sadly this happens too often. Amazon takes stuff in return and without ever checking restocks it. In the case, my TP-Link plug had been returned multiple times. It even had a note inside and another taped to the box indicating from previous customers it had been returned several times. Somehow the Amazon/Woot people could not read the obvious and clear English saying it was a damaged and used product. So I’m the 3rd or 4th person now to return it.

BTW the good one works great!

The iOS app works great, its called Kasa from TP-Link and on the app store

What manner of sorcery is this when light is brought forth with a spoken word. Not sure but they work great with my Google Mini. I should have bought more than one. As someone else posted they are a bit thick and you have to adjust your furniture to accommodate. But a minor issue.